CADS provides me with the independence to determine my career growth, freedom to do my job without being micro managed, direct access to my superiors and allows me to take autonomous decisions. Every day I look forward to working on my tasks.


Joining directly in CADS post my college studies, I am sincerely indebted to CADS for the excellent training offered to me which has developed my technical proficiency and personality attributes. Everyone at CADS, across the spectrum of fresh or experienced staff, experience this advantage.


I am truly delighted to be part of the friendly work environment in CADS for over a decade, which includes breaking away from the traditional hierarchy, open door policy, and with no impediment to career growth for the deserving staff. I enjoy my work every day, and look forward to the expansive opportunities offered by CADS


I am thrilled to be working for CADS. Truly encouraged by the sincere appreciation and recognition for my work. The attractive opportunities, easy accessibility to the management, ample training, and independence speak volumes for what CADS has to offer

Arul Claudius

It is a pleasure and a privilege to be part of the big family of CADS. Each staff is instrumental in the company’s success, forming part of a team and driving home collective goals. In CADS I have developed my sales and technical skills in the context of industry demands, thus encouraging me to continuously raise the bar. I look forward to building a long rewarding future career with CADS.


From the first day of joining CADS, the excellent ambience, the friendly work environment, approachability to leaders at all levels, and opportunities to exhibit my talents, continue to provide the most pertinent setting for exceptional growth and career fulfilment

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